Top 10 reasons to switch to vaping on National Cigarette Amnesty Day


Monday 14th January 2019

Today marks the 6th anniversary of ‘National Cigarette Amnesty Day’, designed to help UK smokers switch to vaping during January.

Smoking is one of the main causes of preventable deaths in the UK, yet quitting is still one of the most challenging addictions to beat. According to Public Health England, at least half a million smokers are trying to quit this January and vaping is one of the most effective aids to help them do so. Evidence shows that people trying to quit cigarettes are 50% more successful when using vaping devices.

Doug Mutter, board member of the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) said: “Research has shown the first 28 days are the toughest, but if you can get past these without going back to a cigarette, then you are five times more likely to quit smoking for good.”

Here are the top ten motivational facts to help new vapers to stick to their new year resolution on National Cigarette Amnesty Day:

  1. Vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking[1]
  2. Second-hand vapour does not harm those around you[2]
  3. Vaping doubles the chance of you successfully quitting smoking[3]
  4. Over 3 million smokers have already used vaping to quit or reduce their smoking[4]
  5. Vaping helps 20,000 people quit smoking every year[5]
  6. An average vaper saves £800 a year compared to a smoker[6]
  7. A smoker turned vaper saves the UK £74,000[7]
  8. Smoking costs the NHS £2.5 billion a year[8]
  9. Vaping helps save our communities smoking costs of £760 million a year[9]
  10. Vaping shops are saving our high streets across the UK. Royal Society for Public Health, 2018

Mr Mutter added: “There is really no excuse left – now is the time to quit smoking and make the switch to vaping.”


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