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Save Vaping, Save Lives: Join us in petitioning the Government.

As the number one vaping trade association, our vision is for the proven, life-changing public health benefits of vaping to be fully understood and fully realised.

Suspect it. Report it. Sort it.

We are calling on consumers, vape professionals and the public to Be Vape Vigilant and put illicit sellers under the spotlight by reporting any suspected illegal activity to the relevant authorities.

Take Action For Sustainable Vaping is a new information hub to equip consumers and the vaping industry with the know how to take positive action and greatly reduce the impact of vaping on the environment.


Vaping Industry

From burning questions to keeping up-to-speed with the latest sector and policy developments, our industry hub provides you with everything you need to know.


Are you a smoker desperately looking to quit and want to know how vaping can best help you do so? We have all the information you need to get started.

Healthcare Hub

This hub provides wide ranging free advice and information for NHS staff and patients who smoke, on successfully using vaping as an effective quit method.



Vaping myths and the facts


Addressing common myths


Youth Access Preventation


Are you new to vaping?

Right now the government is consulting on vaping, while they consider restricting them.

We believe there is a lot the Government can do to protect children from vaping (such as stopping shops selling to them), but they don’t need to restrict access for adult vapers trying to quit smoking.

With 250 people dying from smoking every day in the UK and with vaping proven to be the best way for smokers to quit, vaping can save lives. This is your chance to let that happen.