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This healthcare hub provides wide ranging free advice and information for NHS staff and patients who smoke, on successfully using vaping as a highly effective quit method.

Vaping is now seen as one of the most effective ways to break the smoking habit and there is a growing recognition in the NHS of the role that it can play in addressing continuously rising hospital admissions from tobacco-related conditions. The resources and information in the hub draws on the experience of vaping specialists across the country who have helped some 2.4m people quit smoking altogether through transitioning to vape devices.

We hope that the advice and information proves invaluable and leads to even more successful quits amongst smokers.

Vaping versus Smoking
A guide to quitting smoking through vaping for healthcare professionals

Whether you’re a clinical lead for cardiovascular or respiratory conditions, a frontline healthcare practitioner caring for patients or responsible for delivering learning and development programmes in your hospital, please download our complete guide to vaping to support successful quits amongst patients who smoke.

Providing answers to common questions from smokers about vaping, it is designed to help healthcare professionals talk knowledgeably and give best advice and information to patients looking to break away from smoking by transitioning to e-cigarettes.

Vaping to Quit Smoking Guide
for hospital patients

This five-point guide is designed to support patients in successfully conquering their smoking habits by turning to vaping.

It covers five key steps to a smoke-free life including:

  1. Understanding your smoking habits to enable the best course of action when it comes to vaping
  2. Types of vape devices that are best for you based on such factors as lifestyle, medical records and smoking frequency
  3. The nicotine levels that are right for you in a vape device based on previous tobacco consumption
  4. The flavours which will help you stick with vaping and not be tempted back to smoking
  5. What to do if progress isn’t as quick as you’d hoped.

The guide also covers a range of common questions asked by smokers about vaping and provides evidence-based answers.

‘Start Vaping, Stop Smoking’ Poster Series

Ideal for the notice board and reception areas around the hospital, please download a special series of posters encouraging patients with smoking conditions to consider vaping when looking to quit their habits. The posters feature a range of evidence-backed information on why vaping represents a good move for current smokers.

What experts say:

What the research says:

Visit our dedicated page for smokers where you can find more evidenced based facts on vaping, a number
of FAQs, a guide to how vape devices work and an interactive map of specialist vape retail outlets across the country who can provide smokers with lots of high level advice on how to quit smoking using vaping.