UKVIA: a democratic industry body committed to vaping safety, quality and harm reduction – and where all member voices are equal.

The UK Vaping Industry Association is committed to championing the whole vaping sector, as well as the fantastic potential for harm-reduction which it represents.

Our diverse membership each has a single vote, to ensure decisions are taken democratically in the best interest of the industry. Likewise, our internal committees make policy recommendations based on transparency and cooperation.

The UK’s nicotine strength restrictions are based on Article 20 of the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). These limits are not always helpful for people trying to quit cigarettes and could theoretically be reviewed after Brexit.

No matter how regulations evolve in future, the industry’s focus will remain on safety and quality. Our position is that all measures must be reasonable and proportionate.

The UK Vaping Industry Association is in no doubt that flavours help many smokers to quit cigarettes and this position has not changed. We continue to state this in our #VapingMatters campaign on tv, radio and in print.

Part of being an inclusive association is ensuring each member’s right to their own positions. We would encourage any members of the industry to join us in shaping a prosperous future for UK vaping.

Our no.1 priority is to ensure the success of the UK’s fantastic vaping industry, founded on high standards and consumer satisfaction.

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