The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) is a partnership of the leading producers, distributors and vendors of vaping products.

UKVIA has been established to support all parts of the vaping industry, and aims to represent all responsible and ethical vaping businesses in the UK, irrespective of the size of their companies and operations.

We are the voice of this fast moving and vibrant emerging sector, driving forward innovation and best practice.  We aim to be the link between the vaping industry, government, health bodies and the consumer, and to provide advice and guidance to help all our members in meeting the highest standards.

UKVIA is a collaborative organisation and is not owned by any one individual or company, or group of companies. The Association is made up of 13 members, representing a significant share of the vaping market both in terms of production and retail. All members have equal voting rights in the future direction of the Association. Based in the heart of Westminster, UKVIA will campaign to ensure sound, evidence-based regulation of vaping products, and that the vaping sector is understood by policy makers.

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