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UKVIA response to Government’s announcement on potential vaping legislation

John Dunne, Director General, UK Vaping Industry Association, said:

“We agree with the Government that we need to protect our children from vaping, we need to also avoid discouraging smokers from quitting. We would also urge the Government not to implement further legislation when we already have appropriate legislation – we just need to enforce it properly. The UKVIA has been advocating for stronger measures to stop rogue retailers selling vapes to under-18s, including on the spot fines of up to £10,000 and a licensing scheme for retailers.

Currently 250 people die from smoking every day in the UK. Vaping is proven to be the most effective way to quit and is in fact, twice as effective as all other methods combined. Any decision to restrict adult access to vapes, particularly disposable vapes, on which over half of smokers looking to give up rely, would be counterproductive. Similarly, research has shown that banning flavoured vapes will encourage a significant proportion of ex-smokers back to cigarettes, with potentially fatal consequences.

We look forward to participating in any consultation the government proposes and we will continue to promote vaping as our best chance of ridding the UK of cigarettes, which continue to kill more than half of long-term smokers.”

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