EU Commission Opposes Danish Flavour Ban

By September 30, 2020UKVIA News

On reviewing the EU Commission’s comments on a range of measures proposed by the Danish Government, UKVIA Director John Dunne reacts:

“We are delighted with today’s statement by the EU Commission opposing the ban on vaping flavours put forward by the Danish government. It is a victory both for vaping and common sense.

“According to the Danish Vapers Association (DADAFO) the proposed ban, which would have only permitted the use of tobacco or menthol flavours, would have affected some 85-90% of adult vapers in Denmark with the potential of driving up to 70,000 Danish ex-smokers back to cigarettes. It also said that the move would have also forced 90% of vape shops to close which would have been an economic travesty.

“Flavours play a hugely important role in encouraging smokers to switch to vaping, a much less harmful product. Crucially, vape flavours provide choices for ex-smokers to ensure they do not relapse.”

“The effect of banning flavoured liquids on deterring adult vapers from using vape products to help them quit or reduce their smoking was acknowledged by Public Health England earlier this year in its annual vaping evidence review. The review also stated that a ban could also push current adult vapers towards illicit products. Last year, in response to Donald Trump’s threat to ban flavours in the US, Martin Dockrell, the Tobacco Control Programme Lead at PHE, responded by saying that e-cigarette flavours are an important advantage that vapes have over smoking and play an important part in encouraging smokers to switch. He also remarked that banning them would just likely provoke adult vapers to relapse back to smoking, leading to more adult smoking role models for young people.”

“At the UKVIA we have agreed guidelines for our members to ensure a responsible approach by the industry to vape flavours. These state that they must not use flavour names or descriptors that are particularly appealing to youths and are associated with youth culture, including popular language or expressions, or names which are reminiscent of confectionary disproportionally appealing to children.”


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