Oxford Vapours

Oxford Vapours LTD TM was established in 2012 by Daniel Greenall (MD)’s father, when Daniel was 17 years of old. The reason for setting up the business was that his father was suffering from deep vein thrombosis due to the negatives from smoking cigarettes for over 40 years, and it was thanks to vaping that they both managed to kick the habit.

Oxford Vapours’ presence is in the Oxfordshire area and the company comprises of 3 bricks and mortar stores/outlets, a VapeVan™ delivery service and a small warehouse/office for online sales and stock management. In December 2017, they launched their own line of e-liquids (Ohm Boy E-liquids TM) which now has 2 brands and 7 flavours in total. These are sold across the UK and Scandinavia at present with the vision of tackling Germany, France, Spain, Italy and South Africa by 2020.

Oxford Vapours currently have 18 members of staff, ranging from a social media manager to managers for procurement, stores and web development. The team is focused on delivering a highly professional service from the bottom up. This has allowed them to make a truly successful retail business in Oxfordshire. They hope to grow their e-liquids offering over the forthcoming years, whilst continuing to adapt their retail chain so they remain the most successful vaping specialist in the area.