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UKVIA overview

As the country’s leading forum for supporting, developing and promoting the £1bn vaping industry, the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) is spearheading one of the biggest market disruptions in the 21st century – the seismic shift from smoking to vaping.

A non-profit organisation run by its members for its members, we comprise some of the UK’s most entrepreneurial and fastest growing independent vaping businesses, tobacco companies who are seizing the opportunity to play their role in the move towards a smokefree society and a range of professional and ancillary services providers

We represent the largest proportion of the UK marketplace and the entire supply chain including manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors and compliance service providers  who all share our vision of “a world where the evidence-based life changing public health benefits of vaping products are fully understood and the positive impact is maximised.”

Our government, the regulators, consumers, the public health community, the vaping industry and the media are all key in making this vision a reality. That’s why we’re all about educating, informing, reassuring and championing our key stakeholders so that the shift from smoking to vaping continues unabated and the public health benefits of doing so are realised fully. This involves:

  • Establishing the utmost confidence in vaping products through scientific and non-clinical research that presents the public health case for vaping;
  • Campaigning for regulation which is in the health and safety interests of consumers and is fair to the vaping industry;
  • Raising awareness of vaping amongst smokers and educating them about the products on the market through our VApril campaign;
  • Setting the highest levels of quality standards in the industry, covering manufacture, ingredients and electronic functioning of products as well as prevention of underage sales
  • Promoting and supporting the growth of the industry and its contribution to the UK economy
  • Addressing the misinformation that has plagued the industry and therefore serves to confuse smokers and vapers, policy makers and the public health community.

Annual Report

See what the UKVIA has been getting up to and the value that it provides to its members. The current Annual Report highlights the achievements of the Association and its members during 2018/2019 as well as the continued growth of the industry and the mounting evidence to support the public health benefits of vaping. It also puts the focus on key regulatory challenges and the priorities ahead for the vaping sector. Please download here.

Download Annual Report
UKVIA Annual Report 2017/18
UKVIA committees

The UKVIA runs a number of Committees which have been established to ensure that the Association and its members are seed as driving standards to support the image of a responsible sector and to ensure a fair and proportionate regulatory and legislative environment which is in health and safety benefits of consumers.

The committees are represented by a cross section of members who drive their respective agendas. Full members are invited to participate in and contribute to these committees, thereby presenting a tangible opportunity to shape the direction of the industry.

They include:

Youth Access Prevention Committee – leads on the prevention of underage sales online and in-store including the production of a guide in conjunction with Trading Standards on preventing underage sales; and developing internal frameworks which set standards and track progress relating to youth access prevention amongst the membership. All members, who are vaping retailers are required to participate in two test purchasing programmes a year, whereby underage individuals attempt to purchase goods in store and online.

Policy and Regulatory Committee – responsible for steering the Association’s public affairs programme which currently focuses on positioning the sector as highly responsible, campaigning for fair and proportionate regulation/legislation, promoting the economic and social value/impact of vaping and establishing relationships with the NHS and public bodies.

Standards Committee – reviews the technical positionings of regulatory bodies with a view to agreeing internal and industry-wide standards across six key areas:

  • Product Manufacturing;
  • Devices and Accessories;
  • Consumable Ingredients and Components;
  • Product Performance;
  • Product Launches;
  • and Advertising, Marketing, Sales and Flavour descriptors.

Operations Executive, which discusses the operational elements of the UKVIA and agrees actions.

Membership committee, which reviews membership applications for compliance and approves new membership applications and discusses new membership recruitment strategy.

The UKVIA Directors