UKVIA’s John Dunne appears on BBC World News

The UKVIA were invited to appear on the BBC World News GMT bulletin on 17 May to discuss battery safety after the tragic death of a vaper in Florida, USA, following an explosion of his vaping device most likely caused by battery malfunction. Representing the UKVIA was spokesman John Dunne, who began by sharing the UKVIA’s condolences with the family of the victim of this tragic accident.

John went on to emphasise the importance of battery safety, and how important it is that consumers know how to handle their vaping products and indeed any other electronic device that carries a battery. John highlighted the importance of purchasing from a reputable source, given that the product in question was bought from an unregulated vendor in the Phillipines, and to follow key principles of device maintenance: not using batteries when damaged or after contact with water, using the correct charger, and not using your device if you feel the battery becoming hot.

The UKVIA will continue to push for the highest standards of product in the UK, and will continue to work with government and regulators in this country to ensure the highest level of product safety for consumers.

Here is the full clip:

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