UKVIA writes to the Telegraph as WHO promote World No Tobacco Day whilst encouraging vaping bans

By May 30, 2019UKVIA News

On World No Tobacco Day 2019, John Dunne, director at the UKVIA writes to the Telegraph as the Wold Health Organisation promotes Tobacco Free Day while encouraging bans on vaping.

30 May 2019


I’m pleased that the World Health Organisation (WHO) are once again trying to reduce the harm caused by smoking through their World No Tobacco Day on 31 May. However, it’s disappointing that their failure to recognise vaping as one of the most effective means for people to stop smoking continues.

Despite research, including a study published last week in the journal Addiction, finding that those who switch to vaping are more likely to quit smoking than those using other stop smoking aids, the WHO encourages member states to ban vaping products outright as part of a tobacco control plan.

The growing bank of evidence showing that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking, demonstrates that the goal of reducing the harm from tobacco that the WHO are encouraging is within reach, we just need to back vaping to make it happen.

John Dunne

Board Member

UK Vaping Industry Association