UKVIA voices concern over proposed smoking ban in the Netherlands

UKVIA voices concern over proposed smoking ban in the Netherlands

The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) is concerned by reports that Dutch anti-smoking groups are calling on the next Government to take more stringent action to ban smoking and introduce stricter regulations for alternative tobacco products such as electronic cigarettes.

The outgoing Government in the Netherlands increased tobacco prices and limited the number of sales outlets, in moves to become a smoke free nation by 2040. Whilst this policy has been marginally successful reducing the number of smokers from 25% to 20% it is noted that the amount of tobacco sold has not reduced.

In order to further reduce smoking rates in the Netherlands, legislators should be embracing alternative tobacco products, such as vaping, not introducing stricter regulations which will only serve to facilitate tobacco consumption. Adopting an evidence-based approach, like that which has been successful in the United Kingdom, will help cement the concept of tobacco harm reduction.

The evidence is irrefutable, and it is disappointing that the country hosting COP9 later this year, is failing to recognise the potential public health benefits of e-cigarettes as a quitting aid. Misinformation is rife within the industry and attitudes need to change, starting at Government level.

The UKVIA’s Director-General John Dunne comments:

“I am concerned about these reports, especially in light of the global World Health Organization’s COP9 summit which takes place in the Netherlands in November 2021.”

“As the UKVIA has said before, it is up to the UK Government to take the lead on this matter and to send a strong national delegation to the COP9 Summit to challenge these backward steps in public health and smoking cessation. “

John Dunne continued:

“Smoking related illness still kills many thousands of people each year in both the UK and the Netherlands. It is imperative on both Governments to do all that they can to reduce this number of smoking related deaths. They should trust the science and the overwhelming evidence and embrace vaping products and e-cigarettes. They are the most popular and effective nicotine replacement products on the market.”

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