UKVIA receive confirmation from HM Treasury on the proposed ‘sin tax’ for vaping

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The UKVIA have recieved a response from HM Treasury following their letter of opposition to the suggested new ‘sin tax’ on vaping products.

Mr Robert Jenkins, the Exchequer Secretary, confirmed that they have no current plans to introduce a new tax on vaping products and added “I recognise the contribution the vaping industry makes to the economy in terms of jobs and revenue to the Exchequer and welcome the fact the UK has a world leading vaping industry”

The response was covered The Sun newspaper and online, where Christopher Snowden, campaigner and head of lifestyle at the Institute of Economic Affairs said, “This is good news for British vapers. The development of the e-cigarette market has helped millions of people reduce or completely stop smoking, saving the NHS money.

The UKVIA will continue to keep up the pressure to ensure such a tax increase never takes hold.

Letter from HM Treasury

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