New research hints that turning people away from vaping could threaten increased tobacco harm, warn vaping industry

New research from University College London published today in the journal Addiction which shows that vaping may help more than 50,000 smokers a year to quit has been met with alarm by vaping industry figures as it provides evidence of the potential impact that turning people away from vaping may have on tobacco harm.

UK Vaping Industry Association Board member and founder of Evapo, Andrej Kuttruf said:

“This research shows that when the use of vaping devices stops increasing, so too does the number of successful quit attempts. That is an alarming finding when you consider that our members are currently reporting that the scare stories currently circulating in the media are driving people away from vaping. As an industry, we have very real concerns that more people will continue to be exposed to tobacco harm as a result.

“Once again, respected academics, this time from University College London and funded by Cancer Research UK have shown that switching to vaping as it is currently available in the UK is one of the best and most effective ways to help the UK’s 7 million smokers quit. We’d encourage the public health community and policy makers to keep this at the front of their minds, rather than resort to knee-jerk regulation which may have unintended consequences.”