UKVIA Responds to Chief Medical Officer’s Inaccurate Comments

By June 7, 2019UKVIA News

A UKVIA spokesman said:

“It’s very disappointing that the Chief Medical Officer is advocating for a ban on vaping in public places, especially when in the same session she recognised its value as a means to help people stop smoking. As Dame Sally said, vaping is considerably safer than smoking – the evidence says at least 95% safer, and recent evidence from University College London showed that those who vape are three times more likely to quit. But if a ban were introduced in public places, it reduces the incentive for smokers to vape by banishing them to the smokers shed as if they were still smoking.

“She talks about being careful about jumping to conclusions about safety, we should be equally careful about over-regulating and making policy that is not backed up by evidence. There is no evidence that there is any harm caused to bystanders by second hand vapour, but Dame Sally still appears willing to run the risk of continuing to expose more people to harmful tobacco smoke for longer and continuing the sort of unhealthy environment that the public health community is united in trying to change.”