Research reveals the best things about giving up and vapers tips to new starters

By July 19, 2019UKVIA News

Research conducted for VApril revealed the best things about switching to vaping and the best flavours to start using.

The research, conducted by OnePoll for the UK Vaping Industry Association’s VApril campaign showed:

  • Former smokers who now vape save £31.35 a month compared to when they were smoking
  • Vapers who quit smoking thanks to vaping had been smoking for an average of 8 years
  • The average vaper is 37 years old
  • 41% have convinced other smokers to make the switch to vaping
  • 68% of vapers agreed that before vaping existed they didn’t think they’d be able to quit smoking


The flavours available for vapers are a key part of helping people quit and stay quit. Mint (33%) is the most recommended flavour for new vapers, followed by Strawberry (29%), Cherry (27%) and Tobacco (25%).

Most of those who had quit smoking, gave up because of the cost (51%), and a high proportion (43%) also cited that they knew smoking wasn’t good for them.

To see the full summary report, you can click here.