Philip Morris: Smokers seeking retail advice on smoke-free alternatives

More than a quarter of smokers intend to try smoke-free products in 2022, says a new survey

A survey carried out on behalf of tobacco giant and UKVIA member Philip Morris found that 61% of smokers are comfortable about asking local retailers for smoke-free alternatives.

Despite this, 58% said that they haven’t found a satisfying alternative to cigarettes and one third wished they knew about a better range of non-smoke choices.

More than 1,800 adult smokers took part in the survey.

Kate O’Dowd, head of commercial planning at Philip Morris in the UK & Ireland, said: “The New Year provides retailers with a great opportunity to help adult smokers switch to better smoke-free products, like e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products if they’re unable to give up tobacco and nicotine products completely.

“However, this survey reveals that stocking smoke-free alternatives won’t be enough.

“Retailers must educate themselves and make connections with their customers, regarding the benefits of these products.”

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