New life insurance provider to offer discounts for vapers who have quit smoking with vaping

Life insurance provider reviti will offer significant discounts to vapers who buy life insurance directly from them, as it seeks to reward more people taking steps to quit smoking

New provider reviti has announced it will offer vapers significant discounts on their life insurance premiums – rewarding them with up to 15% off a smoker premium. In an industry first, reviti will make these discounts available to customers who buy life insurance directly from reviti and who vape exclusively.

reviti launched in April 2019 to offer competitive insurance premiums, starting at £5 a month, to make life insurance affordable whilst at the same time incentivising better lifestyle choices. reviti customers who make the best decision and quit tobacco and nicotine altogether will receive the largest discount to their premium – of up to 50%.

New reviti customers who are already using vaping devices, which comply with the safety and quality standards required by the Tobacco Products Directive (2014/40/EU)TPD  exclusively will receive a discount of up to 15%. Also set to benefit from the discount are smokers who switch to such vape products at a later date.

Commenting on the launch, reviti CEO Dan Pender said:

“Since reviti launched in April, we’ve been working hard on extending discounts to other products, and we’re delighted to be able to offer this great discount to people who use e-cigarettes exclusively. This is an important milestone for reviti and demonstrates our recognition of the role played by e-cigarettes in helping people quit smoking.”

“The response we’ve had so far from customers has been great and we are continuing to develop a range of insurance offers to incentivise better lifestyle choices.”

James Barrow, UKVIA Director, said:

“Switching from smoking to vaping is a big decision for many smokers across the UK and it’s fantastic to see providers like reviti recognise their transition to vaping, with a discounted reward. We hope this move will encourage other insurers to recognise that switching to vaping is a better choice than continuing to smoke.”

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