Meet the Members: Cara Leach – LUMO Liquids

By February 27, 2020Meet The Members

How I got into the industry

Cara Leach, LUMO Liquids

Whilst working for 13 years overseas I carved out a career as a sales & marketing consultant. I was then approached to join a young, forward-thinking vaping company … and it was too good an opportunity to miss!

What is the ethos at Lumo

Consistency, traceability and efficacy are in our DNA at Lumo! With every Customer we apply our 20+ years Pharma EU GMP contract manufacturing principles and practices (including; supply chain operations, in-house testing and product development).

My thoughts on the industry today

The vaping landscape worldwide is constantly changing – due to technological advancements, new regulations, adverse publicity, corporate strategies … one thing is for sure it’s an exciting industry to work in!

Our plans for the future

Our goal is to make sure that we continue to service the future requirements of the next generation vaping companies. As they develop and expand their portfolios to include other alternatives to nicotine and different delivery mechanisms we will modify our service offering to support their growth.