Welcome to the eighth issue of Vaping UK, an e-bulletin published by the UK Vaping Industry Association bringing the latest news and views in the sector.

Former Health Minister and Shadow Health Secretary to chair public health evidence session at Vaping Industry Forum

The Rt Hon Norman Lamb, MP, will chair the session on developing the public health evidence of vaping at the UKVIA’s Going for Growth Industry Forum on Monday 23rd April at the King’s Fund in London.

Norman Lamb was formerly Minister of State for Care and Support at the Department of Health and Shadow Health Secretary. He was elected Chair of the Science and Technology Select Committee in July 2017 and is currently chairing an e-cigarette inquiry.

Other speakers that have been announced since the last issue of Vaping UK include:

  • Jill Livesey, Managing Director of leading shopper insight consultancy HIM and Edward Woodall, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at the Association of Convenience Stores who will both participate in the debate on the future of vaping in the grocery sector;
  • Dr Ian Jones, Vice-President of Reduced-Risk Products at JTI and Germana Barba, Global Vice President for Regulatory Strategy and Engagement at PMI who will be panellists on the session about the role of tobacco and pharmaceutical companies in the future growth of the vaping sector;
  • Ian Hughes, Chief Executive at Consumer Intelligence, who will be providing insights from research into what’s needed to get smokers to break their habit and make the switch to vaping;
  • Lizi Jenkins, Head of Regulatory Affairs at BSMW Ltd, parent company of Blend and Bottle, one of the largest e-liquid manufacturers in the UK.

Places at the conference are going quickly so please book here to avoid disappointment. Ticket prices start from £150 + VAT.

AYR to unveil major new smart vape device at the UKVIA’s Vaping Industry Forum

AYR is to unveil what it says is the world’s most advanced vape device at the Vaping Industry Forum. The company will also be the headline sponsor at the B2B event.

The new smart device is capable of monitoring its own condition and letting users know when a replacement is due. It also refills and recharges automatically and shows exactly how much someone has vaped during a single session.

Says AYR’s Sales Director Martin Miller, who will be speaking at the forum in the session on Next Generation Vaping: “This represents a ground-breaking development in the vaping sector and is part of our strategy to promote responsible vaping. As members of the UKVIA, we are delighted to be the headline sponsor of its inaugural conference.”

Other sponsors and partners to confirm their support of the event include JTI, ECigIntelligence and Vapour Magazine who are the media partner for the Forum.

Ziggicig announces major expansion plans throughout Ireland

Belfast-based vaping retailer and e-liquids manufacturer Ziggicig, has announced plans to expand its retail portfolio fivefold across Ireland, from 20 stores to 100, creating more than 200 new jobs over the next two years.

Established in 2009 by company owner and Director Steven Mealey, who was inspired by his own personal journey to quit smoking, Ziggicig has grown rapidly from an initial £800 order when the business was first trading on a market stall to becoming the most recognised brand in Northern Ireland

The company, which sits on the board of the UK Vaping Industry Association, is also embarking on a major refurbishment investment programme within its existing stores, starting with its Belfast outlet. This includes a private consultation area where customers receive free advice from an expert who will guide them to the best solution so they can move from smoking to vaping. Customers can also try vaping a range of flavours with different devices at a number of testing stations in the new look format.

Adds Mealey: “The next stage of our evolution brings us back to basics. We will remain focussed on Ziggicig’s core value and why the business was established in the first place – to provide smokers a much better alternative than tobacco and guide our established customers along their journey.  We believe the industry recently has focussed too heavily on advanced users and neglected those who are still contemplating making the switch.  So many smokers receive poor advice which means they fail to gain the health benefits of vaping.”

“Alongside our retail growth we will be investing heavily in product development, improving technologies to enhance the customer’s experience and releasing some exciting new e-liquid brands with innovative flavour profiles.

“These are exciting times for our business as we are on track for our ambitious plans. We are also in the fortunate position to have been approached by numerous very well-established financiers who really like what we’re doing, should we decide to accept their money for expansion and growth. It also reflects the benefits that the fast-growing vaping sector brings to both the north and south Irish economies.”

Could specialist vape shops hold the key to smoking abstinence?

A new research study has revealed that specialist vape shops could hold the key for smokers to quit and switch to vaping. The study undertaken by Norwich Medical School, part of University of East Anglia, the Centre for Addictive Behaviours Research at London South Bank University, the New Nicotine Alliance and University of Leicester’s Medical School explored how the vape shop environment is experienced by quitters to support smoking abstinence.

Some 40 smokers were observed across six shops in different locations and it showed that smoking abstinence was supported through shop assistants’ attempts to understand customers’ preferences in order to tailor advice about the most appropriate vape product and offer an ongoing point of contact for practical help. It also revealed that specialist shops offered an opportunity to socialise and reinforce a vaping identity, ensure easy access to products perceived to be good value by customers and had adapted to legislative changes. The researchers concluded that vape shops can provide effective behavioural support to quitters to maintain smoking abstinence and that health professionals could capitalise on this through partnership working with shops.

Smoking and vaping at the same time – how does dual use develop over time?

A new study, which is believed to the first of its kind, is looking for input from those who smoke and vape to support greater understanding of electronic cigarettes and their use. The research into how dual use develops over time is being led by Peter Hajek, Professor of Clinical Psychology and Director of the Health and Lifestyle Research Unit at the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine.

If you are interested in taking part please call: 0207 882 5722 (lines are open Monday-Friday, 9-5pm) or click the link to email us: health-research@qmul.ac.uk

USA launches its next conference for the New Nicotine industry

A global conference on E-cigarettes will take place in the US this spring as part of the Next Generation Nicotine Delivery 2018 series. The event will bring together 150 strategic leaders from across the nicotine products category, along with industry experts for 2 days of insight, discussion and debate.

Since 2011, the number of alternative nicotine-containing product users in the US has been on the rise, with sales expected to surpass traditional tobacco by 2023. In response to this market trend, the conference aims to bring together those working within the sector to discuss the key challenges and solutions facing the industry.

Continuing the series of Next Generation Nicotine Delivery, the Atlanta-based event will enable businesses and manufactures to explore international business opportunities, gateways to compliance and provide an understanding for the international sector on how to enter the lucrative North American markets.

The UKVIA is proud to be partnered with the Next Generation Nicotine Delivery conference, our involvement provides a vital link across the Atlantic. Do look out for our member Adact, who can tell you more about our work.

For more information please click here.

UKVIA to speak at ENDS Conference 2018

The UKVIA will be speaking at this year’s ENDS Conference, represented by board member and spokesperson, John Dunne.

In its second year, the science-based conference is dedicated to e-cigarettes and other electronic nicotine delivery systems. ENDS 2018 will cover all pertinent issues from the latest EU regulations and TPD compliance to product design and potential harm reduction.

And finally…a ticket to quitting smoking

Great to see support for vaping from Cancer Research UK on the back of bus tickets no less. The promotion stated that “research shows vaping is less harmful than smoking”.