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Science and Technology Select Committee - UKVIA

MPs hear evidence from vaping industry as inquiry into e-cigarettes continues

 Parliament’s Science and Technology Committee heard evidence from the vaping industry and a vaping consumer group as part of their inquiry into E-Cigarette policy and regulation.

The Science and Technology Committee has been examining the impact of electronic cigarettes on human health, including their effectiveness as a stop-smoking tool. The have also examined the suitability of regulations guiding their use and the implications of a growing market.

John Dunne, Director of the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA), gave evidence in front of the Select Committee alongside Fraser Cropper, Chair of the Independent British Vape Trade Association and Sarah Jakes, Chair of the New Nicotine Alliance.

In the hearing MPs explored restrictive advertising rules for vaping products. In particular they examined why current rules banned vaping companies from making any health-related claims about vaping when compared to smoking. This is despite the fact that Public Health England (PHE) and other health bodies have produced studies that show vaping to be at least 95% less harmful than smoking.

John Dunne, Director at the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA), told the Committee that advertising restrictions have hindered the uptake of vaping by smokers. PHE have recently published research highlighting that 40% of the UK’s 7m smokers have not even tried vaping.

Commenting on advertising rules, Mr Dunne said “more and more people wrongly believe vaping to be more harmful or as harmful as smoking. This is a direct consequence of advertising restrictions that prevent the industry from telling smokers that vaping is 95% less harmful. If health bodies can say it, why can’t we?”

The inquiry was covered in The Sun, The Star and The Yorkshire Post and the full session can be viewed here on Parliament TV.

First nationwide vaping campaign joined by TV’s Dr Christian Jessen

This year the UKVIA teamed up with TV doctor, Dr Christian Jessen, to turn April into VApril as they launched the first ever vaping awareness month, encouraging the nation’s 7m smokers to switch to vaping.

With vaping now seen as one of the best ways to break the smoking habit, the nationwide campaign encouraged close to 1000 smokers across the UK to Take the VApril Challenge and switch to e-cigarettes for the month of April, as part of their journey to stop smoking.

VApril came after evidence recently published by Public Health England, which highlights that vaping is likely to be at least 95% less harmful than smoking and that there are substantial health benefits from completely switching from conventional cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

To launch the first awareness month dedicated to vaping, Dr Christian Jessen and UKVIA representatives were joined by MPs and members of the House of Lords, outside the Houses of Parliament, where MPs called for Parliament to set an example nationwide by opening their doors to vaping.

Mark Pawsey commented: “Even in our own Parliament vapers are treated the same as smokers, forced into outdoor areas far removed from their places of work. It is time we practice what we preach and make Parliament ‘vape friendly.’ That is why we are seeking to change the rules in Parliament so we can set an example to the public and businesses across the country.”

Dr Christian Jessen said: “According to a recent report by Public Health England (PHE), e-cigarettes may be contributing to at least 20,000 successful new quits per year – with the industry estimating this figure to be much higher. But as a doctor it’s disappointing to hear that an estimated 40% of smokers still haven’t even tried vaping.

“I’m delighted to be joining forces with the UK Vaping Industry Association to launch VApril. VApril is all about helping more smokers to make a successful and permanent switchover. I personally believe vaping has overwhelming potential to help smokers break their habit, and this is important because stopping the habit is the single most significant step that people can make to improve their health.”

Smokers were encouraged to take the VApril Challenge by dropping into a VApril Masterclass offered by UKVIA members in a total of 58 stores across 11 cities in the UK. Further afield VApril reached over 2 million users on social media and its message spread internationally across countries including South Africa, America, New Zealand and Australia as well as a number of countries across Asia.

On the dedicated VApril website – www.vapril.org – UK smokers can still hear about vapers’ experiences, download a special guide for first time vapers and access a range of frequently asked questions about vaping.

UKVIA advises on user safety following tragic vaping incident in the USA

The UKVIA were invited to appear on the BBC World News GMT bulletin on 17 May to discuss battery safety after the tragic death of a vaper in Florida, USA, following an explosion of his vaping device most likely caused by battery malfunction. Representing the UKVIA was spokesman John Dunne, who began by sharing the UKVIA’s condolences with the family of the victim of this tragic accident.

John went on to emphasise the importance of battery safety, and how important it is that consumers know how to handle their vaping products and indeed any other electronic device that carries a battery. John highlighted the importance of purchasing from a reputable source, given that the product in question was bought from an unregulated vendor in the Philippines, and to follow key principles of device maintenance: not using batteries when damaged or after contact with water, using the correct charger, and not using your device if you feel the battery becoming hot.

The UKVIA will continue to push for the highest standards of product in the UK, and will continue to work with government and regulators in this country to ensure the highest level of product safety for consumers.

The full BBC interview can be viewed here.

UKVIA Forum 2018

The Future Growth of Vaping top of the agenda at UKVIA’s inaugural conference

The continued growth of the vaping industry was the subject of UKVIA’s first major business-to-business conference in April.

The event – Going for Growth –  was held on Monday 23 April 2018 at the King’s Fund. It came at an exciting time for the industry, with Public Health England reinforcing its policy that vaping represents a positive public health opportunity and one of the best ways to quit smoking.

The main topics of the discussion included:

  • The regulatory landscape, chaired by Mark Pawsey MP, Chair of the APPG for E-Cigarettes;
  • The role of the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries in the sector, chaired by Gareth Johnson MP;
  • The future of the category in the grocery trade, chaired by Tim Phillips from ECIgIntelligence
  • The public health case for e-cigarettes, chaired by the Rt Hon Norman Lamb, Chair of the Science and Technology Select Committee and former Minister for Health.

The event also marked the unveiling of the world’s first smart-vaping product, developed by the event’s headline sponsor, AYR. The device is unique as it is the first of its kind that can monitor its own condition and letting users know when a replacement is due. It also refills and recharges automatically and shows exactly how much one has vaped during a single session.

John Dunne, UKVIA board member, said: “This was our inaugural conference since launching UKVIA nearly two years ago, and it was a huge success.

“The event brought together a range of stakeholders to participate in thought provoking discussions and debate around the opportunities for and barriers to growth in the future.”

“The high profile of industry analysts, health professionals and political figureheads made testament to the sector’s strong performance in recent years.”

Following the conference members of the vaping industry, including the UKVIA, the Independent British Vape Association and the New Nicotine Alliance were invited to give evidence in the final session of the Science and Technology Select Committee’s inquiry into E-cigarettes.

A digital post-conference report, including a summary of the key discussions and debates from the Forum, will soon be available to download from the UKVIA website. For more information on the conference including presentation slides please visit the UKVIA Forum page here.

Global Nicotine Forum

Poland to host the 5th Global Forum on Nicotine

The Global Forum on Nicotine is will be taking place in Poland summer from the 14th to 16th June. Now in its 5th year running, the conference will examine the emerging science in relation to nicotine and its use, including the new policy and regulatory responses.

With a focus on ‘Rethinking Nicotine’, the three-day event in Warsaw will bring together world leading scientists and thinkers in the nicotine field to discuss the changing the methods and patterns of nicotine use as well as the latest in nicotine science.

The programme includes a wide range of plenary sessions, symposia, panel discussions and poster presentations, all structured to encourage audience participation and debate. As a multi-stakeholder event, the audience will range from public health professionals, parliamentarians, academics, consumers and consumer advocates and manufacturers and distributers of new reduced risk products.

Alongside the main conference this year are number of additional events on Thursday 14th June, including the 5th Michael Russel Memorial Oration delivered by Dr Joe Kosterich and a consumer-focused session from the International Network of Nicotine Organisation.

There will also be opportunity to showcase new nicotine products and technologies as part of the Second International Symposium on Nicotine Technology on Thursday, as well as in informal ‘show and tell’ discussions throughout Friday 15th and Saturday 16th of June.

For more information about the conference, including the programme, confirmed speakers and registration details please click here: www.gfn.net.co

ENDS Conference

UKVIA to speak at ENDS Conference 2018

The ENDS conference takes place in London on 5th to 6th June and will hear industry experts from across the supply chain, including UKVIA board member and spokesperson, John Dunne.

In its second year, the science-based conference is dedicated to e-cigarettes and other electronic nicotine delivery systems. ENDS 2018 will cover all pertinent issues from the latest EU regulations and TPD compliance, to product design and potential harm reduction.

Following a successful conference last year, ENDS 2018 will bring together over 120 delegates from across the sector to debate the latest in nicotine regulations and science.

“The ENDS 2017 conference was a great opportunity to keep up to date on the latest regulatory and scientific thinking. The event had a great mix of ENDS companies, regulatory experts and industry attendees offering an excellent networking forum” – VP Business Development, Broughton Laboratories

Find more information about the conference and details on how to register here.