UKVIA statement on the marketing of e-cigarettes to under 18s

In response to reports on the marketing of e-liquids to under 18s within the vaping industry, the UKVIA have released the following statement:

“There are already strict regulations in place in the UK on selling or marketing vaping products to under 18s. All of our members comply with the law.

“The UKVIA takes this matter very seriously, and are working hard with our members to ensure responsible marketing and that best practice is in place to prevent sales to under 18s.

“Fortunately recent research (August 2018) from Action on Smoking and Health demonstrates that youth use of vaping products is very low, with just 2% of youths using vaping products at least weekly. Furthermore research published by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health concluded that most vaping experimentation does not turn into regular use, and levels of regular use in young people who have never smoked remain very low.

“The Association is however on constant alert to this issue, and will continue to work with the relevant agencies proactively.

“Flavours play an important role in incentivising smokers to switch to vaping, which Public Health England recognises as at least 95% less harmful than smoking. Research has also shown that choice in flavours is a key component of keeping vapers off smoking.

“There are nearly 7m smokers in the UK, and the government has the ambitious target of reducing prevalence to under 12%. To ensure we continue to encourage smokers to switch, we must provide adults with choices to incentivise them to do so.”