UKVIA responds to Telegraph article on young people and vaping

In response to the Telegraph article: Children as young as 14 are becoming addicted to e-cigarettes, head of Britain’s biggest addiction clinic says

The UKVIA issued the response: 

“Organisations such as ASH and Public Health England have found little evidence of youth uptake of vaping products in the UK, but the UKVIA is clear that it is completely unacceptable for any vape products to be marketed at children. While many adult vapers enjoy the variety of sweeter flavours available, all members of the UKVIA are committed to maintain and raise standards across the industry. To emphasise this, we have recently launched a new code of conduct for all members. This includes requiring retailers to use “Challenge 25” in stores, have robust online age sales verifications and ensure products are only marketed towards adult smokers or vapers.

“However, the current legislative regime also prevents the industry from being able to advertise the health benefits of vaping over smoking and address the myths that currently surround vaping. That’s why the UKVIA is campaigning for vaping specific legislation that would take into account the differences between vaping and smoking, rather than the current rules which mislead smokers.”