The UKVIA welcomes latest figures on youth vaping from Action of Smoking Health

The UKVIA welcomes the latest figures from Action on Smoking Health and YouGov that shows that vaping remains uncommon among young people and is not acting as a gateway to youth smoking.

John Dunne, board member of the UK Vaping Industry Association said: “These latest statistics just add to the growing body of evidence which shows that the responsible steps being taken by the vaping industry to prevent access to young people is having an effect. The UKVIA’s code of conduct insists on robust online age verification methods, a challenge 25 policy in-store and a clear expectation that products are only be marketed towards adult smokers, vapers and consumers of other nicotine products. It also continues to disprove the assertion that vaping is a ‘gateway’ to smoking as smoking rates and exposure to tobacco harm continues to fall. Vaping is in fact helping people to make that switch as it is 95% less harmful than smoking and recent research has shown that vapers are three times more likely to quit than those who don’t vape.”