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UKVIA is dedicated to the continued growth and the expansion of the vape industry and champions the use of vapour products to help smokers quit. We promote and represent the interests of the entire industry; online retailers, manufacturers, distributors, importers and wholesalers. As a full member of the Association, you will be at the forefront of the industry and working in collaboration with industry colleagues to ensure that the vaping industry is represented fairly and accurately to UK consumers, retailers and government. The vaping industry faces a number of challenges in terms of regulatory changes via Tobacco Products Directive and securing the backing of health experts to ensure the benefits of vaping are accurately presented.

How does it work?

UKVIA meets its legislative, regulatory and campaign goals through yearly membership fees.

Support and guidance

  • UKVIA will keep members informed of regulatory developments, at policy and practical level.
  • We will ensure that members are aware of the developing regulatory landscape and how regulation such as the TPD will affect them and their customers.
  • Members are entitled to attend all UKVIA events and conferences.
  • We will create a platform for members, policy makers, consumers and advocates to share ideas and best practice through a series of events and content from experts within our membership body.
  • We will provide members with a code of conduct to ensure that all members act with the same level and responsibility and ensure that the UK vaping industry is seen positively by consumers and health professionals.
  • Logos displayed on the UKVIA member page.
  • Exclusive member-only content.
  • We will provide support and guidance to vaping companies and professionals within the industry. Through our website, UKVIA will support members with best practice resources and materials.

We want to ensure that we are working with the widest possible range of vaping consumers, producers, and stakeholders to champion a responsible growing industry and provide one voice for everyone who enjoys vaping, and sees vaping as an alternative to smoking tobacco products. Please download our Annual Report 2016-17.

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