• UKVIA will champion the benefits of vaping products, in particular their potential to positively impact public health.
  • UKVIA will provide objective information for government, policy makers, industry, the press, and wider community on the vaping sector.
  • UKVIA will empower vaping businesses to meet regulatory challenges, meet and maintain the best quality standards, and grow their business.

Our mission is to champion the emerging vaping sector and ensure there is a definitive voice in the public health debate on vaping. The group aims to protect the interests of vaping consumers and the vaping industry, by advising on and shaping sensible policy and regulation.

There is a consensus in the public health community in the UK that vaping is up to 95% safer than smoking tobacco, this has been endorsed by Public Health England, Cancer Research UK and Action on Smoking and Health, among others. UKVIA supports the declared aims of these groups to create an absolute distinction between vaping and the smoking of tobacco, and the important portrayal of vaping as a tool to help people stop tobacco smoking.

Vaping consumers and the vaping industry face a challenging regulatory climate. The UK has taken a progressive stance on vaping and its benefits to date, and it is vitally important that this is maintained. UKVIA will work with government, health bodies and consumers to make sure that the debate remains informed and evidence-led.

The Association will also continue to move forward in partnership with vendors, manufacturers and distributors to develop and certify industry standards and best practice – ensuring consumers get the best products and service possible.

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