Vaping is one of the fastest growing consumer good sectors in the UK, today worth nearly a billion pounds in the UK and with some 2,000 retail outlets across the country.

Its growth is backed up by an ever increasing amount of evidence which highlights vaping as being significantly less harmful than smoking. Many leading and respected health organisations and professionals have put forward a very strong public health case for vaping. The Royal College of Physicians emphasised the huge potential of vaping to hasten the numbers of people giving up smoking. Public Health England has estimated that vaping is likely to be at least 95% less harmful than smoking; whilst the results of the first long term study, published earlier this year by Cancer Research UK and UCL, showed that vapers had much lower levels of toxic and cancer causing substances in their bodies than smokers after 6 months.

Recent ONS statistics show that there are still an estimated 7.6 million smokers in the UK. This presents a huge potential opportunity to convince smokers to switch to vaping products, improve public health and save billions of pounds for the NHS. Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) recently published figures showing that of the 2.9 million users of vaping products, 1.5 million are people who have stopped smoking entirely. It is estimated that every person who stops smoking is worth £74,000 to the UK; the ASH figures therefore suggest that vaping has already benefited the UK to the tune of £111billion!

Estimated value of the UK vaping industry
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